Vince Cacace
Vince Cacace

Vince Cacace is founder and CEO of Vertebrae, a technology innovator in interactive 3D and AR solutions. As CEO, Vince leads a passionate and rapidly growing team that is changing the way retailers and brands engage consumers at scale. Leading companies like Crate & Barrel, Sony, Lionsgate, Amgen and others use the Vertebrae platform to create, manage and deliver high-fidelity 3D and AR experiences on the web - driving unprecedented engagement, satisfaction and sales.A recognized marketing and AR/VR leader, Vince was named to the Forbes' 30 Under 30 list and featured as one of Variety's 10 VR Innovators to Watch. He also worked closely with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to establish standards and practices for AR / VR advertising. In addition to Vertebrae, Vince co-founded a VR non-profit with Whoopi Goldberg that provides wonderous VR experiences to underserved and seriously ill children.

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