Philip Rooke
Philip Rooke
CEO, Managing Director

Philip joined Spreadshirt in 2009 as Head of the Sales and Marketing, bringing with him a wide breadth of experience and success in fast-growth sectors. In 2011, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer, with a sole focus on bringing Spreadshirt from a start-up endeavor to a highly-profitable enterprise. His forward thinking and tireless efforts have paid off: having set the €100M turnover mark as a target from the outset of his tenor as CEO, Spreadshirt will surpass the benchmark for the first time in 2017.Philip initially launched a career in newspaper advertising before changing over to online management in the early years of e-commerce. His twenty years of experience in the new media have helped Spreadshirt become the world’s biggest e-commerce platform for on-person self-expression.Philip is dedicated to empowering customers to express themselves through creating, discovering, and selling clothing and accessories in an exciting and straightforward way. “When you work with passionate people on things that make customers happy, it doesn’t even feel like work.” This mantra is testament to Philip’s leadership style and dedication.

Global Access: How Niche Online Retailers Can Reach the World’s Consumers | Optimized Operations

06/27/2019 1:15 PM | S105A-D
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