Penny Gillespie
Penny Gillespie
Research Vice President

Penny Gillespie is a Vice President focused on digital commerce, which includes digital commerce platform technologies with an emphasis on digital customer experience and personalization. She also serves as the Lead Analyst for Salesforce and works to maintain consistent positions across multiple facets of research pertaining to Salesforce.Prior to joining Gartner in 2012, Ms. Gillespie founded and managed Gillespie International, a consulting service providing insight to clients in the areas of mobile and online commerce, product development, market and product strategy, and financial supply chain automation. Earlier, she covered the e-finance space at Forrester Research and Giga Information Group with a focus on online banking, electronic billing and online payments, as well as mobile payments. She has published more than 225 articles.Ms. Gillespie has diverse experience: 2 years as a Senior Product Manager in CyberMark (Sallie Mae subsidiary), 4 years as a Systems Development Manager/Financial System Analyst/Liaison in Sallie Mae, and 9 years as a Real Estate Systems Manager/Analyst/Auditor in JCPenney. Over the years, she has held various roles with these companies in product and marketing management for such applications as global online banking, U.S. electronic bill presentment aggregation, and multiapplication campus cards, as well as various financial analyst positions for budgeting, loan servicing and real estate management.

B2B E-Commerce: What's Cutting-Edge Now | Breakout Tactics for B2B Selling

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