Mike Cregan
Mike Cregan
Butler Luxury

Michael Cregan operates Butler Luxury from the City of Santa Barbara and sells items around the world.20 years ago, he began working with many clothing designers on the exact right design and quality for the hangers their world class garments would be displayed on in their stores. Over the years, he has made hangers for Chanel, Oscar De La Renta, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, Petit Bateau and quite a few others. Each project is different and each designer generates a unique vision for what they want.While designers are quite demanding and want creative, quality items, they are limited by a budget. Mr. Cregan knew he could do better and formed Butler Luxury to design and make the ultimate clothing hanger. The customers range from many billionaires and captains of industry to people who just want something special for their clothing. Butler Luxury is considered the best made in the world.From the beginning, the philosophy has been “I don’t care how many we sell, I only care that they are best that possibly can be made.” Fortunately, accomplishing the second half of the statement eliminates worries about the first half; as long as it is real and not a slogan.

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