Kevin Richards
Kevin Richards
Ventura Web Design

Kevin Richards is the Founder and CEO of Ventura Web Design & Marketing, a digital agency with 20+ years of experience helping small to medium sized businesses grow via E-commerce. Prior to that, when the internet was mostly unheard of and "The Amazon" was a river in South America, Kevin founded an online bulletin board system, allowing local users to play games, email, chat, and more via their dialup modems. Along the way, Kevin founded a bricks-and-clicks retail store, which he later sold. Kevin is regularly invited to speak at e-commerce and technology events.New merchants will feel comfortable with Kevin's sessions because he makes complex topics easy to understand and relatable to their daily tasks. Veteran e-commerce professionals will enjoy the references to "the good old days" of E-commerce, back when it was easy to win online. Kevin's main goal is for every attendee to take home a list of actionable ToDos that will help them grow quickly and profitably.Kevin's areas of concentration include Website Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Design, and Usability Analysis.

Site Design: Taking Your 101-Level Site to 201 and Beyond | E-Commerce Boot Camp: Muscle Up to Grow

06/25/2019 9:00 AM | S102A-D

My Site vs. Best Practices: Live Reviews | E-Commerce Boot Camp: Muscle Up to Grow

06/25/2019 3:30 PM | S102A-D
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