Karen Kang
Karen Kang
Clear Influential Marketing

Karen Kang, is the CEO of Clear Influential Marketing. Recently motivated to pursue a different path from a comfortable position of Vice President of CGETC, Inc., the move involved bold and new ideas that comfort just doesn't allow.  The drive comes from a need and a want to making sure that people around her is just as driven as she is.   With Clear Influential Marketing, she hopes to achieve piecing together many different brands and connecting those brands with the right audience, while helping others, female or male, young or old to make choices that they are comfortable with, but also drive others to get out of the comfort zone.Karen Kang is a believer that people have the strength to get themselves out of where they are and driving change to make themselves happy and that background doesn't and cannot define who they (we) are.

Online Marketplaces Marketing: Amazon and Beyond | The Power of Marketplaces

06/27/2019 3:45 PM | S100A
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