Jared Mitchell
Jared Mitchell
Skincare by Alana

Jared Mitchell has been working in ecommerce as an owner and consultant for over 14 years.Currently Jared is the Senior Ecommerce Analyst for NeilPatel.com & QuickSprout.com, assists in formulating and teaching digital marketing courses with Neil Patel, runs his own 8 figure ecommerce business skincarebyalana.com, and services clients under his consulting brand of beefysites.com that represent a revenue in excess of 150m/year.Recently Jared started a line of skincare products with his wife Alana, and it is trending the be a 7 figure business within its first year after launch. Jared's primary priorities in life are his family of 4 and marriage of over 15 years. He enjoys volunteering at church, surfing, spearfishing, and playing music.

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