James Kelly
James Kelly
Co-Founder, Chairman
Jagerita Holdings

James Kelly spent 6 years building the Amazon Marketplace business from the inside before deciding to apply those skills to his own business. James' time at Amazon included leading the North American Merchant Integration team (responsible for onboarding all new Sellers on to the Marketplace), launching new Seller-only categories such as Wine and Art, starting the first Seller-focused Amazon merchandising team, and building new technology to help Sellers find success on Amazon.Since leaving Amazon to start an e-commerce direct to consumer brand incubator, James has bootstrapped multiple 7 figure revenue brands from scratch. He is a big believer in the power of the Amazon Marketplace and the opportunity for small businesses to capitalize in the 'new retail' world if they are willing and able to innovate. After attending Prosper '16 and catching up with James Thomson (they worked together at Amazon), joining Prosper '17 as a speaker seemed like a great chance for James to share his experience with the passionate Sellers at the Prosper Show.

Launching a New Product on Amazon | Amazon and Me

06/25/2019 9:00 AM | S100A
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