June 5-8, 2018
McCormick Place West, Chicago

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Exhibitor Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Exhibitors have three options for getting all items large and small to IRCE; Shipping to the Advance Warehouse, Shipping to the Show Site, or bringing your booth with you (sometimes referred to as “Hand Carrying” to the show).


Shipping to the Advanced Warehouse and Show Site will incur Material Handling Charges (sometimes referred to as Drayage) from Freeman, which includes unloading your freight, storing it at the warehouse, delivering it to and from your booth, and the handling of empty containers to and from the booth. Material Handling fees are determined based on the weight of your shipment and when the freight will be moved to and from the show floor. Freeman Quick Facts and shipping addresses are available in the Exhibitor Service Manual.


  • Advanced Warehouse – The advance warehouse shipping deadline date is May 26. Items that arrive after the deadline date will be accepted but will incur an after the deadline charge.  Material Handling fees will be higher for shipments sent to the warehouse to account for storage fees and shipping from the warehouse to the show site.  Shipping to the warehouse is the only way (besides bringing your booth yourself) to ensure you can set up your booth as soon as exhibitor move-in begins.


Exhibiting Company Name / Booth #
2500 West 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60632


  • Show Site (Loading Dock) – Freight to the show site will only be accepted starting on June 5. Shipments arriving before this date may be refused by the facility. Material Handling Fees will be charged for all freight shipped to show site as well as all items unloaded at the dock.  Keep in mind that there is often a lapse of time from when your freight is received at the dock and the time your freight arrives in your booth area on the show floor due to the large volume of freight that Freeman is accepting and processing at one time.  Shipping to the show site will often result in an overall smaller time frame to set up your booth. Automobile and Small Utility Vehicle (ASUV) Program (coming soon): McCormick Place allows exhibitors to unload and load small privately-owned vehicles without hiring labor at designated areas in the building. This FREE program allows exhibitors to drop off at the dock and avoid a material handling fee.
  • Note: You can find additional details within the Exhibitor Service Manual under Shipping/Material Handling.


Exhibiting Company Name / Booth #
McCormick Place – WEST
2301 S. Indiana Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616


  • Hand Carrying – For smaller booths only (i.e. Pop-up booths, etc). Policies for hand carrying vary depending on the venue. McCormick Place permits exhibitors to carry in their own booth and avoid material handling fees if the freight is can be carried by one person, in one trip, without the use of dollies, hand trucks or other mechanical equipment. Please consult the Exhibitor Service Manual to confirm. For larger booths or large amounts of boxes please see one of the two options above.
  • Note: Shipping Labels