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Introducing our third Keynote Speaker!


Dan Alarik, CEO & Founder of Gruntstyle, June 27

True Grit:  A Warriors’ Mettle Builds an E-commerce Brand
Unstoppable, hardy and hyper-focused on the mission: the words that could describe a top-grade U.S. soldier also could describe a successful e-commerce entrepreneur. Dan applied his personal experience and the values of his military career to launching his e-commerce company in 2009 -- a classic startup story of selling patriotic t-shirts out of his car. Powering through setbacks that can befall any new business, Dan’s determination and ability to learn fast and correct course were rewarded with increasing success.

Today, GruntStyle has a loyal customer base and some 2 million followers on social media, bringing in sales of $100 million over the past three years. Our speaker will share inspiring proof of how grit, determination and the willingness to take risks is the starting point for success in today’s very challenging yet opportunity-filled online retail environment.

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