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Amazon Go's First Chicago Location Opens!


Amazon Go just opened their fourth location right here where IRCE’s HQ is located (Chicago!) at 113 S Franklin St. in The Loop; this being their first location outside of Amazon’s hometown of Seattle. Amazon Go offers ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. Most of these options are made by their own chefs and local kitchens and bakeries.


What makes Amazon Go different than any other ready-to-eat store, for example Snap Kitchen, is that there’s no checkout required while exiting the store. How is that possible? Amazon Go has you scan your Amazon Go app while entering the store and with advanced technology can detect when you take or return an item from the shelf. Once you’re finished shopping, you’re able to walk right out of the store and your Amazon account is charged and you’re emailed a receipt. This concept is so simple, some may find it easier than online shopping.


With the influence of e-commerce taking over our lives, this is a huge breakthrough for brick and mortar shops. No lines and no checkouts are a brilliant concept to help keep brick and mortar stores evolve in a way that will still be competitive against online sales. This notion will give online retailers a whole new meaning if they are looking to build a brick and mortar store. As Amazon has created a store that doesn’t fit in the traditional brick and mortar definition, many are likely to follow. The future of Amazon Go is unknown, but so far, we’re enjoying the new ease of shopping they’ve introduced.

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