Rounding up the Whole Story: Google's Search Tweaks

Friday, June 13, 2014 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

Jeff MacGurn - Senior Vice President, Earned Media Services - Covario

Seth Dotterer - Vice President, Marketing & Product - Conductor Inc.

Search engine giant Google recently tweaked its Panda algorithm, which disrupted the industry two years ago by suddenly  rewarding high-quality (as determined by Google) web sites with better rankings in search results. The target of the newest updates:  Poor quality content, such as over-packing pages with keywords or using text visible to search engines but not site visitors.  It’s one of the latest in multiple updates since Google implemented Panda in 2011 as it changed its algorithm to lower the rankings of web retailers whose sites feature generic content. In this session, two search experts will gather up in one place a complete view of all the updates to give retailers the total picture, highlighting advice for each update. They will provide real-life examples of how Panda changes a site’s content.

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