How to Make Your Video Program Better

Thursday, June 4, 2015 -
5:00pm to 5:45pm

Val DuVernet - Senior Program Manager, Content, Social Media Strategy - Advance Auto Parts

Ben Kopetti - Director, Video Commerce Strategy - Liveclicker

Successful video programs don’t just happen; they need a strategy. In this presentation, our speakers will discuss the evolution of a successful video program, providing details about how to set objectives and meet challenges. They will cover how to get content on your site for the first time, where video works best on the site, and how to ensure best results for the initial video initiative. They will also discuss outcomes and lessons learned from a range of online retailers just starting out with video. Our speakers will review how to determine the best type of video content as the program moves to its next stage, looking at a variety of parameters, such as business model, product complexity and customer needs. They will examine how to determine the types of videos best suited for particular pages; how to measure success as well as how to identify performance metrics, including social shares, time on site and revenue-per-play; and finally, how to create an ongoing video strategy.

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